Daemon Golden Compass Wiki

Rules, rules, rules... Sorry but you gotta follow 'em kiddos.

These are the rules when using Golden Compass Daemon Wiki. They are to be followed, and the list is subject to administrative change.

The Rules[]

1. No rudeness, bigotry, mean, spiteful or hurtful comments. This includes discrimination, hate and judegments on people. This is a nice wiki page, please keep it that way!

2. You may not tell others what to do unless you are a staff member. Wiki prides itself on freedom of expression, so likewise is expected. If you think a person has disobeyed the rules, please contact the Administrator(s).

3. Be appropriate! This means no adult content and swearing should be kept to a minimum. Do not ask for others' information and do not give your information to others. Any innapropriate content will be removed and the member dealt with.

4. No stealing. Do not steal what doesn't belong to you, including posts on this wiki, without permission! We advise you use free for use photos from the likes of foter.com

5. No spam. For the love of sweet cheese, please do not spam. Spamming is not only repetitive, but also pointless. If you wish to post about flying cats and sharks in bikins* please find a different wikia or use the chat.

6. Every member is special. Please, though we know we are awesome, don't worship the staff. We're just like you, we promise. And also, treat all members justly, regardless of how long they've been here or status.

7. Have fun! Oh come on, you wouldn't think I'd miss that one out, would you?


Rules are subject to change and administrator has the right to ban any member who disobeys these rules. 

  • whether sharks are physically able to wear bikinis or not is another matter