A common form to project in the beginning is the wolf

 So this is a page all about projecting: imagining your daemon as a form.

How do you do this daemon stuff?Edit

This is a phrase many newbies use, often in confusion or exhaustion. Oh dear newbies, if only you knew how easy it is! Fear not newbies, I have the answer! Projecting your daemon for the first time may seem very hard (it took me almost a week or so), but it gets easier.

To start off with, listen to your "inner voice", the one that tells you 'oh that was smart' or 'you really should listen'. Try and have a conversation in your mind and asign a wavy form to your daemon. This can be a temporary form.

Next, look around and research various forms to try. Focus very hard on projecting a form of your choice, and imagine your "inner voice" speaking through that form. After that, it's as easy as pie (not the other Py).

Projecting detailsEdit

Some people enjoy projecting special traits such scars and such that aren't usually found on that form to make it unique to them. You don't have to, it's just a personal touch.

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