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A person could have a flycatcher form, for example.

What forms are, how to "find" a form, and what the heck is a form anyway.

What the heck is a "form" anyway?[]

Ah silly newbie, getting your head all screwed again. It does not do well to worry about such things, young one. "Forms" are the animal(s) which your daemon chooses. For example, you could have a dog form, or a rat form...! There are as many choices out there as animals on the Earth.

A person can't have more than one form, but can project more than one form.

Can you have more than one form (once settled)?[]

While unsettled, yes, you can take as many forms as you like! But once you as a person become settled and have a settled personality, your daemon can only have one form. What you project does not equal your form. You could project a caiman but have the personality of a walrus. This doesn't mean you have a caiman form, however. It takes time, research, dedication and imagination to find your form.

My daemon doesn't have a form/I can't see my daemon! Help![]

Oh rest assured, your daemon is there. What's happening is that you're focusing on something else, or not thinking about your daemon, so you can't 'see' it. Projecting can be difficult at first, but just keep working at it. Also, your daemon can technically "not" have a form, or a form that is so vague it can't be classified. Note that hybrids are not viable unless a distinct species, as with mythical creatures.

Daemon and daemian in harmony.

How do you 'find' your form?[]

Hang on a second. If you are unsettled, go crazy! Try out as many forms as ya' want and just go mad. The more forms you try, the closer you will gradually become. And don't worry if some don't fit; it's part of the process.

If you are over the age of 20 and have a settled personality, then do your research. Go on the Daemon Forum, check out the analysis, read up on things. Eventually you'll find a form that you fit and that fits you.