A number of these people may be daemians.

Daemians are those who have "unlocked" their daemons. Everyone has a daemon, but those that do not know they do are considered non-daemians.

So what are these 'Daemians'?Edit

Daemians are people, just like you, just like me, in fact very ordinary. Chances are you've probably just met one at the fish and chips counter, or maybe one of your own family has a daemon. Whatever the case, people who have "unlocked" their daemons are all around us.

While non-daemians may not see a point in daemonism, it does have benefits and it is an enlightening experience. Daemonism is not a cult, nor a religion, but a type of philosophy. While it isn't like Archimedes, or whoever you like, daemons play a part in daemians lives.

Daemians, are you crazy?!Edit

No I assure you the majority of us are perfectly sane. We simply have discovered more about ourselves, and have unlocked a part of our subconscious that can help us, give us quirky remarks, be a sarcastic commentator, whatever your imagination can think of!

We do not have a mental condition. I often feel sorry for those daemians who are wrongly classed as such, as it is insulting to them and to those with real mental conditions. Daemonism is just a fun, funky way of learning more about yourself and having an imaginary animal companion!

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