For example, someone could create a kite analysis.

Here we're going to explain what an analysis is, what point it serves, the different kinds of analysis, and links to help you how to read and write your own!

What is an analysis?Edit

An analysis is a compilation/grouping of animal traits used to create an idea of what behaviours correspond to what personality traits.

The idea of this is to help people find what forms they can try, what forms they fit and not just saying "Oh look I'm a wolf now and even though I'm 10 years old I'm settled for life and I don't care what you say!!!". That's why we have in-depth analysis, along with all sorts of analysis of all sorts of animals.

What kinds of analysis are there?Edit

The timekeeper

Time is something that analysis takes; the timekeeper waits for no one.

There are many different kinds of analysis, but here are the most common:

In-depth analysis

By far the most common and most well-known, this is an analysis of an animal's behaviour and the translation into human traits. In well written ones we can see what the facts are, why and how this behaviour is used and how the analysis author interpreted it.

Reverse analysis

The opposite of an in-depth analysis, a reverse analysis is where a member (often a new member) writes about themselves in the hope of finding forms that might suit them well and/or that they can experiment with.

General analysis

A general analysis of a group of animals, a genus. Often not too in detail, but enough to give a good general idea of what an animal belonging to a certain would behave like.

Vibe analysis

Like a general anaylsis, this just gives a "vibe" of a certain species. This is not specific, but it about the general vibe you would get from someone with a certain daemon form.


Reading and writing analysis takes research!

How do I read one?Edit

There are many analysises just about everywhere! If you want, you can visit here to read some of the analysises there or check out the daemon page on Tumblr. Reading one is quite straightforward, read through it and get a general idea of what the person is trying to say. Give things with higher importance more importance and don't take things too literally and you should be fine!

How do I write one?Edit

Ah this is actually quite complicated. To write one takes a lot of time, dedication, sources and research and most importantly: imagination! I'm not the best to explain how to write one, here gives a lot of good tips and insight in to how to write the most accurate and best analysis.

Do you have any analysis here?Edit

At the moment, we don't. Unless we get permission from The Daemon Page to post them here, or we have a stronger fanbase of strange little minions writing them for us, at this present time we don't. Fear not however for we will have anaylises on the Daemon Golden Compass Wikia, rest assured!

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